Istudiomo is a creative wakeskate film project currently in production by 3327. Designed to create unique content throughout its production the film’s website serves as a platform for interesting content made from everyone involved in Istudiomo. With a world-class roster of wakeskaters from all over the globe the performances in Istudiomo will be second to none. Filming has already all over the globe and is only just beginning. Set for release in 2017 Istudiomo will be a full length wakeskate movie unlike anything before.

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Featured Talent

What will make Istudiomo great? The people. These talented athletes and artists are essential to Istudiomo's success. Each of their styles and roles are what breathe life into this film. Without them none of this would be possible.

Help Support the Film

If you are as passionate about wakeskating as us and believe in this project we would love your support.

The Journal

A look behind the scenes of the film and its production. In The Journal you will find film updates, stories, new media, opinion pieces, and much more.

  • Yan Lecomte

    “I feel it’s going to be something really good for wakeskating; I hope it will be timeless.”

    Yan Lecomte
  • Nick Taylor

    “With such a diverse lineup & a thoughtful format, I’m hoping to get more insight into what makes some of my favorite riders tick.”

    Nick Taylor
  • Nick Robinson

    “I’m expecting from Istudiomo next level riding and great editing.”

    Nick Robinson
  • Andrew Roehm

    “This experiment of mine has every opportunity to be what I have planned for it. This is Istudiomo. I’m excited to begin.”

    Andrew Roehm