Director’s Log 1.2

Director’s Log 1.2

This is the Director’s Logbook. It serves as a catalog of Istudiomo from the director’s perspective. It will comprise of his thoughts on the film and its production. The logbook will also be a place where the director will give his opinions on topics ranging from cinematography & photography to the many thought-provoking topics in wakeskating.   

Director's Log 1.2

Istudiomo : Putting Plans to Practice

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein

We are still really early on in this process. No need to stress the plan..just go do..

            It was the middle of June and I was leaving behind a lot of things I usually bring with me on road trips to Florida. I was intentionally leaving some things behind I would have been stoked on having, but I needed to leave room in my car. So things like air mattresses, some camera equipment, a grill, and a cooler did not make the cut to go on the road trip. Why did I need all the empty space? Well besides the fact I was making room for the South African ripper, Matti Buys in my vehicle, I wanted to make room for anything unexpected. Room for anything, everything, and most importantly space to think and space to adapt. This trip was going to be different from all the others I had done before it.

            I have a habit of overthinking just about everything. This habit leads me to overly planning every detail of trips I take. Whether it was for cross country road trips for videos like ‘Celebration’ and ‘Pay It Forward’ or the long winded year-long filming and collaborating involved in the seasonal videos, I needed to fully understand everything that should and could happen. This mindset led to a lot of stress and added pressure to the riders and myself.  My method of thorough planning and clear communication were effective and the videos turned out fine, but the whole experience and journey of making them was far less pleasant than I would have preferred for them to be.

When you plan every detail of your trips you really paint yourself into a corner of what you can and cannot do with your time. It really limits what you can accomplish. You may have chosen the most productive and fun route for your trips and are working with some great people, but in reality all you have done is put yourself in a position where you aren’t ready to adapt your plans or accommodate new promising opportunities. Sure having structure and a plan of action is important but making everything a set in stone plan will never yield the best results. The key is to have a loose plan that you follow, but leave room to branch out for spontaneous opportunities that come up along the way. I tried my best in the past to quickly adapt and make the most of my time and energy but if I am being totally honest I certainly did not make all the right decisions when planning the trip in the beginning. It is a common occurrence, you are planning a trip months in advance and you are trying to get things laid out and you think you have everything figured out, but you don’t. You start your trip and there are tons of little random details you didn’t take into account that set you back or push you forward ahead of schedule. Sometimes there are even new and exciting opportunities that present themselves to you in the midst of your journey. Unfortunate for you, you don’t have the freedom to take advantage of them because you are already committed to a different path and diverging would be screwing over someone else or costing you crucial resources and money.

I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself “Well, duh. Of course you don’t want to plan every little detail that’s crazy.” I agree with you, but when you are investing your time, money, and energy into these plans it’s tough to have faith in a plan that goes only as far as to say “just go with the flow man..” And for me personally not having a full layout of what is going to be done is pretty scary, gives me unwanted anxiety. What I am trying with this current road trip and filming this summer in particular is my attempt at having the guts to restrain my compulsive micro-managing and just “go with the flow..” to an extent.

I’m following my loose plan, but in a general sense I am working through this trip with more patience and peace of mind. This atmosphere and method seems to be receiving good results thus far, hopefully it keeps up. The participants seem more relaxed and I am more relaxed, but right now I have the luxury of time and for this trip in particular I wasn’t gambling with anyone else’s money, but when those two things change my methods will need some changes too. Istudiomo’s release isn’t for some time but if I really think about it with everything I need to accomplish for this film.. there’s “not quite enough time.”