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In The Limelight: Ollie Moore

In a time in wakeskating when it’s unclear what it exactly means to be a professional wakeskater it’s important to fully understand the commitment, the hard work, and personal investment a professional wakeskater puts into their careers. In the Limelight is a video project that aims to provide a glimpse into the competitive process for a professional wakeskater on The Wakeskate Tour. The piece documents the athlete’s preparation, their performance, and their mental state throughout the duration of the event.

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Words by Andrew Roehm

It’s amazing how resilient wakeskating is, and even more amazing how resilient its athletes are…

Wakeskating went through one of its roughest years in 2o15. Our considerably successful wakeskate tour was put on hold and it gave many people warranted anxiety in regards to the sport’s future and many of us were worried if we would ever see it at the level we saw back in 2014. As awesome as it was to see progressive wakeskating and insane video parts come out last year like the TechRon Philippenes video, Nobody’s Perfect, and the Yew Inglin piece, wakeskating’s tour was dearly missed. It’s our way to connect as a community, it’s essential to wakeskating’s expansion, and it is one of our best ways at showcasing the sport to people and brands that can put more money into it and have a positive impact on wakeskating.

As proud as we are as a community and tough to soldier on we are still in need of help and support as a sport and as athletes. Ollie Moore is a shining example of someone who deserves all the support he can get, and someone who won’t take that support for granted or put it to waste. Moore is one of wakeskating’s most promising talents. As someone who has fairly recently showed up on the radar he has quickly been making a name for himself. With a solid showing on the tour these last two seasons paired with serious video sections in some of the heavier movies that have dropped recently, Ollie is a man on a mission.

Not much has stood in the way of Ollie and his mission either. He has self funded his travels to the states multiple times, the same for around Europe, and was even able to snag a spot in the wakeskte tour’s spring training in the Philippenes just off of his raw talent on a wakeskate. On top of all this he also is open to do things beyond the calling of a present day “professional wakeskater”. He is doing the uncomfortable interviews, the marketing, and he’s open to take creative chances with projects like this. That’s where wakeskating and the modern day professional for this sport should be heading.

This guy deserves whatever offers come his way, because if there is anyone who best exemplifies wakeskating’s resilience and its promising future as a sport it’s Ollie Moore.

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Olllie Switch front nose



Photography by Andrew Roehm
Cinematography by Andrew Roehm, Matti Buys, Andrew Fortenberry, Brandon Rau, Aphid Wakeskates,  Aquarium Hardgoods, and Rockstar Energy