Ollie Moore


Ollie Moore is Wakeskating’s first magician. This Englishman does things on the water that appear so unbelievably smooth and technical that there certainly must be some sleight-of-hand taking place. When Moore rides effortlessly away from an never-been-done on a ledge or a down rail you are convinced he is playing a trick on you. After rubbing your eyes and pinching yourself you come to grips that this human is unmatched in his technicality. Then you realize that what he just did was switch and he isn’t human at all. Ollie has been taking his magic show on the road for quite some time now. Wakeskating in more countries than most have on their bucket-lists Ollie has just begun his world-wide crusade to astonish his audiences. Moore’s riding is truly a treat to watch and by the end of his part people will want to tip his performance.

• • •

Good day chap, how are you? Having a bully day?

Good day! I’m doing good thanks, just enjoying a hot day in Florida.

Splendid, now that the pleasantries are out of the way. What’s your date of birth (please give dates not years old)? Where are you from? How long have you been wakeskating? What stance are you?

Born on 06.06.92 in Peterborough, England. Been trying to wakeskate for about 6 years now. I’m right foot forward.

Is there a big wakeskate community in the U.K.? What is it like trying to progress your riding out there?

Its pretty small but one of the 2.0 parks (Hannam’s Hub) hosts a couple weekend jams which are always fun, unfortunately I’ve been away for the last couple. We don’t live that close to each other so I’m usually riding by myself or with my bro but will be getting my friends trying it out when I’m home and hopefully some winching with a couple dudes that live near by that I haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

Do you think riding by yourself or only with your brother affect your riding’s progression or the direction you take your riding? Do you think you can get more creative just finding your own path with no one else around?

I don’t feel it affects my riding but progression is definitely gained coming to the states and getting to hit drops and winch and ride with more wakeskaters which helps with learning new tricks.

It gets quite cold over in the U.K. When it is too cold to wakeskate what do you do to kill time till the spring?

I try to push it till just before Christmas riding in my O’Neill rubber then plan to go away at some point through the winter to somewhere much warmer but in between time I work for my dad and skate and hang out with my friends at home.

Have you spent a lot time riding in other parts of Europe? What sorts of places have you been to ride there?

Not as much as Id like, in the past it’s usually been for contests. Which was still fun to visit France, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and couple others. I did do a winch trip a few years back with a good group of euro skaters in France but that’s about it. There are plans for more trips to Europe!

What is your take on wakeskating in Europe in general? With a future trip planned there later this year do you feel there is a lot of untapped potential in Europe?

Yea, Europe has a lot of potential with so many untouched spots and the amount of cable parks and wakeskater’s, its definitely growing bigger. More trips in Europe are a must!

You’ve made a lot of trips over to the U.S. and you have been just about all the main hubs for wakeskating; Florida, Texas, and California. Which place have you enjoyed riding the most? What is so special about this place?

That’s tough as I’ve had so much fun with the friends I’ve stayed with everywhere I go and there is still so many places I still want to go to wakeskate and people to see. Texas is definitely one place I want to go back to and stay with the locals like, have them show me around and give me the full Texas experience!

You were in the Philippines for the The Wakeskate Tour’s Spring Training this year. What was it like being there with all those guys? You’ve ridden cables all over the world, It is safe to say you are one of the more knowledgeable authorities on the quality of a cable and its various ammenities. In your opinion how does Camsur Water Complex rank for you in relation to everywhere else you’ve been?

It was pretty sick being there with a big crew of Wakeskaters which is sometimes hard to come across in one place, especially the Philippines at one of the best cable parks in the world. With such variety of obstacles, lakes and pool gaps, Cwc is a pretty ideal place for the warm winter shred.

Who are some people that influence your riding? What is it about those people that have had such a lasting impact on your riding?

I know he influences a lot of people but Drew Pastura is one for style and doing tricks a certain way which I’m not going to lie I try to imitate at times but there is so many riders out there that influence me and I like noticing people for certain tricks, like that’s their trick. They do it so good.

Where do you see your riding in the next year? What part of your riding are you hoping to work and build on?

Skateboarding on water is what a lot of us are trying to do and lock in tricks are a joy especially learning flip tricks out of them and I still very much enjoy all aspects of wakeskating.

You are one of the few guys out there that is doing flip tricks out of lock-ins. Have you tried flipping into lock-ins? How important is locking-in to the future of wakeskating?
I haven’t tried any flip tricks into lock-ins yet but the right sort of ledge on a drop would be ideal for trying some. This is a big part of wakeskating’s progression with the variety it brings for more tricks in wakeskating and its similarity to skateboarding.
What is your mentality when filming a video part? Do you just go with the flow and film when the opportunities come up? Or do you plan out everything and take it really seriously?

Its very hard to do any filming in England for me so I try to do as much as I can when I come out to the US and winch a lot as that’s rare back home also, but Its nothing super serious we still have a lot of fun doing it!

If you could share share a section with one other person from the Istudiomo roster who would it be?

Probably big Rick Rob. (Nick Robinson)

What are you expecting from Istudiomo?

Fun times filming for it and some insane footage from everyone!

• • •

Photography by Andrew Roehm and Ryan Hall

Cinematography by Andrew Roehm and Ryan Hall