There are tons of fun and rewarding ways that you can support this film.

The quickest and easiest way to support the film is probably the funnest too! Simply follow Istudiomo on our social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media is about as close as you can get to the film’s production without being in the chase boat with us or on the shoreline of a winch spot. With our social media you are able to follow the film’s production, participate in our social media contests, and most importantly you will be up to date on the film’s progress and new content releases on the site.

Another way to support this film is to inform us of any of your opinions, concerns, ideas, or criticisms you have of this project. Istudiomo is still very much an experiment and is still trying to find itself. So if anything can be tweaked, clarified, or all-around improved upon let us know! This isn’t a one-way street here at Istudiomo either. If you are interested in being a contributor on the site and want to provide something for this project yourself we are willing to read through any creative submissions for the site. They can be write-ups, photos, videos, whatever as long as we can see it as a valuable addition to the site for the visitors. If there is anything in wakeskating you’d want to hear our [director, athletes, or collaborators] opinions on, we are happy to do so. This site is meant to generate interesting and desirable content for you and sometimes that requires you asking. In the end this site is meant to bring content with depth and clarity to the wakeskate community. Something we feel not enough people know they wanted and will hopefully in turn demand it from future content providers.

Maybe not quite as fun, but much more rewarding, you can make a donation to the film directly! We take these donations very seriously. We understand that you work hard for what you have and it is humbling that anyone would even consider financially supporting this project. We first want to make it clear that these donations aren’t going into any bigger organization’s pockets. Your donation is injected directly into the bloodstream of this film keeping it alive. Istudiomo’s goal is to bring people something they have never seen before as well as something they will be happy they supported. We want the patrons of this film to feel that they are a part of Istudiomo, because they truly are. Any donation, any size you choose to pass on to us helps make Istudiomo a bigger and better film.  Our primary goal over anything else with Istudiomo is to give something back to the wakeskate community, something that they can appreciate and feel they also helped bring into being.

We can take wakeskating farther and higher with your help. So if you believe in this project and you personally want to be a part of Istudiomo give your support!