It’s finally December 15th 2017;  It’s been such an unbelievably long and unforgettable journey to here, to today, to launch day. This is the day when we unveil this wonderful film project we’ve all worked so hard on for years. I’ve planned for this, dreamt of this, anticipated this, and feared this day. We tried  everything within our power to make this movie, and the greater Istudiomo media project, the best it could possibly be. I don’t believe there’s a single person involved with Istudiomo not proud of the result. It’s truly terrifying to debut this to you all when this project has honestly been everything I’ve possibly got. It’s all I have to offer to you and to wakeskating. I hope it’s enough to have the impact I hope it can on you all and on wakeskating. Istudiomo is for you, it’s for my team, and it’s for wakeskating. It’s everything we’ve got to push, grow, and nurture wakeskating, That’s why this movie is going out to the world for free, because we want this film to reach every possible person it can. We can’t hide this film behind a paywall, behind a subscription, or any other barrier. We need this film available to the world, we need wakeskating known by the world.

Andrew Roehm, Director of Istudiomo


If you want to support the film. You can donate here, or buy our 370 page coffee table book here.