The Trailer


Istudiomo isn’t a real word. It doesn’t have any meaning. We’ve heard it pronounced a dozen different ways, and they’re all right. It’s just something that didn’t exist before and now it does. Because of this fact Istudiomo has every opportunity to be whatever we want it to be. We can cast off for any far away place and wakeskating gives us the luxury of many options to choose from. We’ll venture to crystal clear springs, coastline swells, cold mountain creeks, landlocked lakes and swampy river basins, our only limitation is the water we ride on; luckily there’s plenty of it. Our Istudiomo logo is popularly regarded as a symbol for rebooting or restarting, and that’s just what we’re doing. We are rebooting the wakeskate full-length in an age of quick clips, social media, and instant gratification. We are putting in the work and preparing for the long haul of redefining our sport. This trailer is the first step in reintroducing ourselves. Hello there, we are Istudiomo, we are wakeskating, and we are delighted to make your acquaintance.

Istudiomo would be nothing without the incredibly talented athletes we have pushing the limits of wakeskating and putting everything on the line to make this film something special. To learn more about each of our athletes click on their images to view in-depth interviews and profile videos.

cole-kraiss andrew-pastura nick-robinson collin-gee matti-buys andrew-fortenberry bret-little nick-taylor travis-belsito braden-ioi yan-lecomte david-roehm ollie-moore